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Some Thoughts on Grief


Some Thoughts on Grief

Alison Fischer

Some Thoughts on Grief:
Grief is brutal and relentless. It presents a new normal mourning a life changing loss or circumstance that has the potential to destroy a person. I'm presently working through the enhanced grief in the anniversaries of losing my sister and one of our good friends. Grief for my loved ones and friends working through the own heartache. Grief for our chaotic and divided nation. Grief over the limitations from my health. It is a struggle to resist being overwhelmed and succumbing to isolation but you have to fight like hell to climb out of the darkness and into the light.

I get frustrated with the vicious continuity of grief. Then I remember to give myself Grace because heartache like this is normal when part of your soul is gone or when the future isn't going to entail what you had once expected, hoped, and prayed for. I try to use that energy to keep climbing out of the dark, seeking God in the present. Trusting in the Glory that is awaiting, closer than comprehension. I force myself to find joy in the beauty of both past and present times and have peace that we were fortunate to have what we had. Seeking communion with others; as we are not meant to travel through this life alone but rather with the love and support of both loved ones and strangers. Trusting God still has great plans in store while trying to release the sorrow, fear, and exhaustion. Having faith that with every sunset, we are gifted with a sunrise. 

Life is such a strange and beautiful journey. All we can do is try the best we can to keep moving forward so we may embrace the path the universe sets before us. Be kind to yourselves and each other, friends. Let yourself grieve or be angry as you need to but remember that your heart is still beating for a reason and there is still a lot of work to be done. Our presence on this earth is of great value. We each have destinies to work towards to make this world a better place. We are not created to live in sorrow.

Let's travel together with love and gratitude towards the Glory awaiting for us. It will certainly be worth it