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Unexpected Encouragement

Alison Fischer

Today, I have an important meeting with the Commission on Ministry to determine whether or not I proceed in the ordination process. Tonight, I came across this card and message from Amy that I forgot existed. It was just the reassurance that I needed.

This upcoming life transition has been bitter sweet. Jay and I are so excited and grateful for these new opportunities, but we will greatly miss our beloved community. I have also been very surprised with the grief that has accompanied it. Amy was living in Bakersfield when I moved here. We were both pretty sick then but I'm very grateful to have had that time together.

Even though we disagreed on our theologies and thoughts about faith, she would be so excited about this move to the Bay Area and the work we are doing. She would be so dang worked up over this election and our current social justice issues. Amy and her dramatic reactions are dearly missed.

Starting new chapters means closing the past and moving on. Many tears have been shed over this deepening into the transition of living without our older sister. Then she shows up unexpectedly, delivering her unwavering love and support. Even better, the front of the card says "A God-touched life can't help but sparkle." Thanks, Nix. ❤️.

Friends who are also grieving; peace to you. Please remember you are not alone and that this life is much easier when we help each other through the tough times.  

Thanks to our awesome circle for loving and supporting us through answering my call and this crazy dance of life.