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Worthiness and Belovedness


Worthiness and Belovedness

Alison Fischer


Do you need a reminder of your worth? I’m sending out love to all who are struggling right now. Remember that many (including myself) only or mostly communicateabout the good highlights in life. 

Remember, every fiber of your being is beloved and you are a reflection of God. The broken, the sick, the angry, the outcast, the addicted, the lonely, the confused, the human… You are beloved and exist on this earth with purpose. You are holy. Every single one of us is a reflection of our Creator who loves and desires a relationship with us. Cling to God. Celebrate your goodness. Release the negative. Claim your holiness and belovedness.

If you are on a different timeline than your peers, your timeline has purpose. If your life has taken you down a path different than what you had hoped and planned for in life, it is still your path and you are in control in choosing how you respond. Sort through and experience what emotions you need to find peace in that. Everyday is an opportunity to progress into a happier and healthier life. We are not meant to live in the past. Invest in yourself and do the necessary hard work to claim your purpose and belovedness. 

A quote that I have been meditating on is “Don’t confuse the person with their damage.” It is from the show Russian Dolls. Often, we experience trauma and damage beyond our control that affects every aspect of our being or our potential to progress in life. When I confused my “damage” with my identity, my life began to spiral in the opposite direction than it needed to go. It was when I began to claim my identity in beloved holiness and what I have to offer to this world, not root my identity in trauma, illness, or disability, that life began to turn for me. When I rooted in my faith, and became intentional about loving others (and myself) as we are called to do, my life began to progress and flourish. The work of moving through our trauma and damage and into our belovedness is incredibly difficult and requires mindful intention every moment of every day. The hard work is worth the earned freedom. I am not my “damage” and am worthwhile and beloved. You are not your “damage”, you are worthwhile and beloved. Our lives, even in their brokenness, have meaning. Claim your belovedness.

As Christians (and all major faith traditions or communities hold similar foundations) we are called to live in communion with each other. Reach out to your community. Contact your loved ones who may need support. If and when you feel led, reach out to the stranger who is in need. Connect with your neighbors. Do your best to ask for help if you are struggling. There is no shame in needing and asking for help. We are not meant to navigate this life alone. We are called to love each other. Claim your need for community and how each of us have a role in making this world a better place. Claim your belovedness. 

So keep on keeping on, Beloveds. Remember the facades displayed on social media are bullshit. Block out the societal expectations, timelines, and materialism. Do your best to not compare your journey to others because we are all on distinct paths that require our focus and devotion to accomplish what the universe needs from us. Claim the holiness in your own path. Release the past. Claim your journey and allow your community to join you. Claim your “damage” but focus on your gifts. You are needed. You are holy. You are beloved. Claim your worthiness, Beloved.